Below are heartfelt comments from Adler Aphasia Center members and volunteers.

Bob K. (member)
I have a way of doing what I want to do and it makes me feel better and I enjoy it quite a bit."

Chepell (former member)
A stroke happened to Mike years ago….aphasia….hope for everyone.”

Erika K. (caregiver)
Before finding Adler my Dad had never been around other people with aphasia, he now has a sense of belonging. I'm so grateful for the time he has there, friends he has made, and incredible support he and my family receive from such a wonderful place."

Joanice M. (former member)
I’d like to thank Mike & Elaine for this Center. I’ve been much better since coming here!”

Laura S. (Volunteer)
The Adler Aphasia Center is a network of support, strength, friendship and caring for members, caregivers, volunteers and staff. Everyone who passes through leaves feeling better about themselves, and gathers strength for what lies ahead. The Center is also a place filled with laughter and determination, and especially gratitude for all it offers. Mike and Elaine, thank you for making it all possible."

Marion G. (member)
If I hadn't come here, I don't know where I would be today because I would be by myself. I can't imagine not being here and having all these friends. The improvement that I have seen on a lot of members, since I've been here has been fabulous."

Vernon W. (member)
Thank you for this place. Thank you for allowing me to be the same as everybody else. Thank you for the friends I met here...Before I felt very - self pity, but now I can do it myself...thank you!"

Jim P. (member)
Believe me, the Center is most beautiful….it is, oh my, make you feel comfortable. I feel better when I’m at the Adler Center.

Walter N. (member)
Coming to the Adler Aphasia Center is like coming home to be with family. I have made new friends with people I would have never had the chance to meet. I feel very comfortable and I noticed my speech has improved
*sentiments expressed with assistance by staff members

Steve R. (former member)
I was a cardiologist. Because I have receptive aphasia I can no longer work with my patients. I like coming to the Center to use the speech software. I have made new friends here that I enjoy spending time with.

Bob D. (former member) I was a graphics art professor at New York City College of Technology. I attended the Center for several years and now I work part-time at Myron Corp as a graphic production artist. I also volunteer at the Adler Aphasia Center.

*sentiments expressed with assistance by staff members

Bob M. (member)
Not like a job - I look forward to coming here. I wouldn't leave unless you dragged me out!"