Communication Partner - Communication Partners work one-on-one with Center members, or in groups to assist group leaders and members in a wide variety of activities designed to enhance the communication skills and psycho-social well-being of our members, including art, Something Special (jewelry and gift making), cooking, games and more. ( Click here to get a full description )

Technology Communication Partner - Communication-Technology Partners must be generally familiar with computers and iPads and able to assist others in using software programs or software applications "Apps". Volunteers may assist members in:
  • the Center’s Technology Group (using iPads or other assistive technology)
  • the Center’s computer lab using specially designed software programs and Apps on the iPad.
Some tasks may include setting-up exercises on the computer or iPad, teaching members how to use mouse, computer touch screen or iPad touch screen interfaces, identifying appropriate exercises through trial and error, providing members with minimum assistance while performing a specific task/exercise (no direct therapy is offered), and documenting exercises performed on a weekly log sheet. ( Click here to get a full description )

Café Friend - Volunteers visit our café during the morning and lunch hours to converse with members. Volunteers in this area may also be asked to assist members with getting coffee, water, and snacks, as needed.